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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OH-13: The Tangled Web

With 17 (yes, 17) candidates running for Sherrod Brown's congressional seat, this promises to be the most interesting primary race in the state, if not the country. Fortunately, the good folks over at the Ohio 13 blog are doing an excellent job of helping to sort out everything that's going on, including this interesting nugget of political gossip.

Though I think this seat should remain safely in Democratic hands, I also think Cafaro is the weakest of the upper-tier Dem field (depending on whether you consider Gary Kucinich "upper tier"). If the above linked story is true, what I'm wondering is: How are these institutional supporters answering the questions about Cafaro's significant weaknesses as a candidate? Or are they just impressed by her money and intimidated by the fact that she will outspend all opponents?

I'm not trying to be sarcastic, because I'd really like to know if there's something in the picture that I'm missing here. If Foltin is the GOP nominee, he brings his own set of baggage to the race, but he should still be more formidable than the GOP's usual sacrificial lamb. We can't afford to put this seat in jeopardy with a weak candidate. Cafaro's money didn't help her in 2004 against a similarly scandal plagued Republican. In a district that only went 52% for Bush, LaTourette performed 11 points better against Cafaro. So I'm left scratching my head as to what Dem leaders are seeing as a positive in having Capri Cafaro as our nominee in the 13th.


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