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Friday, September 15, 2006

Radio, Radio (plus Random Ten)

Well, my summer hiatus is turning into a fall hiatus it seems. My job has become especially busy and shows no signs of slowing down. Which sucks, because there has been plenty to blog about. Its hard when you have a post written in your head and can't find the time or energy to actually sit down and type it out. With election season heating up I'm sure there'll be plenty to write about. Hopefully there will be time to write it.

I'm posting today however, to let everyone know (if anyone still reads this) that as part of WCSB's 30th anniversary, I'll be taking part in "retro week" where past DJs are allowed to take over a show for one day. My turn will be this Monday, the 18th on Bart's "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" from 7-9AM EDT (Interestingly enough, the original name of this blog was "Matengase Alejado de la Puerta" which means "stand clear of the doors" in Spanish and was printed on every rail car door in Chicago). You can listen locally on 89.3FM (in Cuyahoga and northern Summit counties) or online by clicking the link above. I'm hoping to record the show and post it here as well.

Oh! And I have an iPod now, so at the very least I can post my random 10 on Fridays!

1. Common "Be"

2. The Black Keys "Aeroplane Blues"

3. Richard Buckner "Brief and Boundless"
--Say what you will about the shuffle feature being completely random. But there has to be something to the fact that out of over 2200 songs, I maybe listen to 50-75 per day and something from Buckner's 1998 album Since never fails to play early on in the set. That's OK though, because its still a great sounding record, 8 years later.

4. The Valentines "Got To Get Yourself Together"
--From Lost Highway's R&B comp Night Train to Nashville, smooth soul with horns and harmonies. Perfect Friday morning listening.

5. Emmit Rhodes/The Merry Go Round "Lets All Sing"

6. Sam Prekop "The Shadow"*

7. Califone "Slower Twin"*
--*Great Chicago two-fer!

8. Guided by Voices "Bulldog Skin"

9. Thom Yorke "Black Swan"

10. Steely Dan "Black Cow"
--My black iPod evidently wanted to throw some love to some songs with "black" in the title. Combined with "Bulldog Skin", maybe its just a fauna fetish?

I also not so randomly listened to Catfish Haven's "Crazy for Leaving" a few times this morning. Hope to hear the rest of the album soon.


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