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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Short Takes

--I'm sure many of you have been following the net-neutrality debate, and if you haven't, this discussion over at TPM Cafe should get you up to speed pretty quickly. I particularly liked this quote from Taylor in the comments:

The more you hear about the breathtaking stupidity of politicians about the Internet, the more you have to respect Al Gore's role in pushing funding for it, and the more egregious it is that this simple fact was turned into a national joke by clever propagandists and stupid inept utterly clueless alleged journalists.

Chicagoist has more on Bobby Rush's conflict of interest and why he defected from the Democrats on this vote.

--I was going to write something about Carol Moseley Braun's new venture and the stupidity seen in some of the reporting on it. However, Joanna at Second Hand Sun took the ball and ran with a far more biting and insightful take than I could have come up with. Good work, definitely check it out.

--Next week, I plan on doing a little photo blogging when I go to the polls and use Summit County's ES&S voting system for the first time. Psychobilly Democrat has been following this story all along and what they've found is kind of alarming. Well, not kind of. Very.


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