Peanut Butter Knife

Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Predictions

I realize I've been MIA for much of the season and so, probably no one will be reading this. For posterity's sake however, here are my predictions for tomorrow:


Strickland 58
Blackwell 39
Others 3


Brown 53
DeWine 47


Dann 51
Montgomery 49


Brunner 53
Hartman 46
Others 1


Sykes 52
Taylor 48


Cordray 60
O'Brien 40
--I know a lot of others are predicting that this will be closer. Still, I think a lot of moderate Republicans are going to be looking to punish their own party for purging Bradley (who might have won this) in favor of an unfunded wingnut with little concept of what the state treasurer does.

Other local races: Sutton blows out Foltin 58-42, LaTourette beats Katz 56-44; Brian Williams beats Cousineau but narrowly, 51-49; Coughlin beats Hanna narrowly as well 52-48 (this will be the saddest result locally). Issue 6 wins 52-48. Downstate; Kilroy, Space, Wulsin and Cranley all win though the last two will be very very close).

Nationally, I see Casey, Whitehouse (in a nailbiter), and Tester (again, razor thin) all winning. I won't make any predictions about VA, but that might be the most dramatic national race to follow tomorrow night.


Lieberman: 48
Lamont: 43
Schlesinger: 9

If Webb wins in VA, that makes Lieberman something akin to a king, a very unpleasant thought indeed.