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Monday, February 27, 2006


--Unfortunately, I did not make it to Betty Sutton's Meet the Bloggers event Saturday due to an appointment. It turned out that I actually had the time of my appointment wrong and I could have made it after all, but by then it was too late. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend the next event. I'll probably write more about this event once the podcast is up, but for now there are good recaps here and here. My second-hand impressions of her are very positive. For those interested, Sutton's website just went up over the weekend.

--In other OH-13 news, Capri Cafaro is going to be pouring money into the coffers of local TV stations as the primary heats up. I'd include my own reaction, but this blog seems to sum it up just nicely.

--The Plain Dealer had an interesting article on HSAs, which I may write more about this week.

--Jeeves, I hardly knew you.

--I'm posting about this a little late, but anyone interested in the ethics of CD prices and the pressures that small record store owners are under in this post-iPod, big box world; I recommend reading this blog and the comments therein. This discussion comes on the heels of a local story about Cleveland's dying indie record store scene.

--I learned this weekend that Blogger and Safari don't like to play nice. So unless its urgent, PBK will probably be pretty quiet on the weekends.


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