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Monday, March 13, 2006

Strickland: Broadband for Ohio

It was just last week that I mentioned that expanding broadband access should be a key component of the Democratic platform in 2006. Now this morning, an email arrived from Ted Strickland's campaign (as they do several times a day, someone's mouse hand must be getting sore over there!) touting a plan to do just that.

On the surface, it seems like a pretty sound plan and won't involve spending any additional money that hasn't already been allocated. However, I'd like to know a few more details about this part of the proposal:

The Strickland/Fisher BroadbandOhio plan also includes strategies to work with private-sector telecommunications providers to ensure that affordable broadband connectivity is available to all citizens in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties.

At a time when many telecom providers are pushing for a use-based model of billing customers for broadband and fighting cities that are offering free wi-fi connections, I'm a little skeptical about these companies' willingness to play ball in the "affordability" game.

With that minor reservation aside, when added to Strickland's other proposals in TurnaroundOhio (especially the early childhood education plans), who says Democrats don't offer any good ideas? I hope some of the party's national leaders are paying attention to this.


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