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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Give 'em Hell Ted!

Between the well-publicized nuclear attack Ken Blackwell waged on Jim Petro last week, and now the GOP primary candidates both tacking to the right of the Taliban to curry favor with the hard line wingnuts of their party; one thing is becoming clear: 12 point lead or not, I hope Ted Strickland is paying close attention. There is so much riding on the gubernatorial race this year, Strickland is going to need to fight hard, because this state cannot afford what the Republicans have coming down the pike. After 4 years of Blackwell, TEL, etc lifelong Ohioans will no longer recognize this state. The brain drain will start looking at places like Indiana and Mississippi as a step up. A Strickland loss will probably be more devastating than 11/3/04.

So Ted, I hope you are looking at what Blackwell is doing to Petro and coming up with a solid plan to fight back and defeat him. We can't afford any less. And if anyone is wondering, I will be volunteering what time I have to the Strickland campaign and not just blog about it.

Follow Ups:

--Pho has more on Petro's patent lawyer fiasco here.

--After mentioning my love of archaic retail architecture yesterday, I found a few great sites worth checking out:

Malls of America
Dead Malls
Ohio Grocery MSN group Featuring photos and commentary by the incomparable Toby Radloff


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