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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


--I had a chance this morning to listen to the Betty Sutton podcast. I have to concur with most of those who were there that she is very impressive. Although she doesn't come across as the most forceful or polished speaker, she has a great conversational style of speaking that I personally find very engaging and also allows her to articulate her views in a way that aren't just empty soundbites, but believable mission statements.

If I had attended the event, I wanted to ask her about Democrats needing a unifying theme or message in 2006 and how she thinks she can contribute to that. I think I partially got my answer in listening to the podcast. Sutton mentioned several times about "not being afraid to ask questions" in addition to highlighting her work as an attorney on behalf of working people. This gives me the sense that she is there to serve and to make sure that government is working for the people. It also points to what I think needs to be a recurring theme in every 2006 campaign: accountability. Because right now in DC there is none, and I think its a big reason why people are turned off by politics right now.

--For those who may be wondering, I do not live in OH-13, though because of the way the borders of Akron and Cuyahoga Falls twist around each other, I could walk 100 feet in any direction and be in that district. So my interest in this race is as a committed Democrat and not a prospective voter. Fortunately, I am represented by Tim Ryan in OH-17 and he will be running unopposed in November.

--Looks like Jim Petro's in trouble again. Its nice to know that someone who has accused Ohio universities of being inefficient is doing so much to help them in that area by forcing them to hire law firms that don't even handle the type of work they need them for.

--Probably one of my favorite scenes in The Blues Brothers is the shopping mall car chase. Maybe this has something to do with my love of ugly, outdated retail architecture (which also explains my love of the original Dawn of the Dead). Now it looks like Dixie Square is about to be torn down. Its just too bad they couldn't have driven a car through it once more, for old time's sake.

--Finally, I wonder if these kids have seen Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man?


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