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Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Links on a Friday Night

Look over to your right. Yes, I've finally got the blog roll a little more organized and up to date. If you have a blog and you're a regular PBK visitor, please leave a comment and I will add you to the list.

Some highlights:

Second Hand Sun A new blog from a friend of mine. Joanna takes a look at a variety of subjects through a feminist lens. I recommend checking out her recent post on immigration.

Chicagoist The Windy City franchise of the Gothamist blog chain has assembled a terrific cast of local writers whose curiosity for all things Chicago past & present is served up with enthusiasm and the right amount of snark.

Subset of Derek Derek commented in the Henry Wallace post last week and I enjoyed his blog. See, its that easy.

Soul Sides and Captain's Crate are some of the best mp3 blogs I've discovered recently. Anyone who comes here to read the music posts would be well advised to check both of these sites out!

Analog Giant covers music, progressive politics, baseball and urban planning. No wonder I like it so much.

Yard Work contains some of the funniest baseball writing I've ever seen. Think The Onion, only about baseball.

This is just a random sampling. If I didn't include you, no insult was implied. I'll try and highlight some folks off the 'roll every now and again.

I also added links to some 2006 candidates as well with a focus on Ohio Dems along with a few others. I expect this to grow as we approach the fall elections.


  • At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Rolling Acres said…

    If you like Soul Sides then you'd probably like Soulstrut(.com). The crowd is idiosyncratic no doubt, but the musical info is on point. Plus, you can chat it up with Oliver.


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