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Thursday, April 20, 2006

With The Possible Exception of Teddy Roosevelt

Sorry for the quietude around here this week. I've been kind of thinking inward and haven't felt the urge to blog about much. So, this will be a short post that is very timely in light of former Illinois Gov. George Ryan's conviction earlier this week on all counts in the "licenses for bribes" scandal that dates back to his Secretary of State days. Seems some folks think he should be remembered for more than just corruption and they've written a song about it:

Illinois First! Band "George Ryan" (mp3)

Probably the greatest fusion of politics, music and humor that I've ever heard. You need to hear this to believe how great it is. Apparently these guys write songs exclusively about Illinois history. I wonder if they've considered suing Sufjan Stevens?

On a completely unrelated note, is it wrong of me to hope that Ben Broussard doesn't play well for the Tribe this year? I mean, even when he gets on one of his hot streaks he is still not a particularly exciting player. I want to see Ryan Garko now!


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